365 Workouts

365 days of workouts delivered to you every day with personal accountability 

Developing a body that moves well is the ticket to a place where you feel – finally – capable, confident, and free.

The goal of 365 Nutrition ProCoach is to get you eating well, moving well and feeling great.

It’s possible to achieve incredible body transformations simply by changing your nutrition, however, when you couple this with quality movement, these results are amplified and become easier to maintain.Not only that, but exercise provides a whole range of health benefits, including prevention of disease, better cognitive functioning and stress reduction.

You can choose to add 365 Workouts (online personal training) to your 365 Nutrition ProCoach package. Alternatively, we can connect you with one of our preferred trainers close to your location or simply review what you are already doing.

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Add 365 Workouts to complete your transformation package

365 Workouts are an optional add-on to 365 Nutrition ProCoach to provide you with a complete body and health transformation package.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat or recover from an acute or chronic injury, you’ll have a proven program, complete with video demonstrations of each movement, to guide you.

Note:  365 Workouts are only available to 365 Nutrition ProCoach clients.

What you can expect from the 365 Workouts

We’re so confident that this program will make the difference you’re looking for that we guarantee it – if you follow the program for 12 months and you don’t see results – we’ll give you your money back!

Choose your 365 Nutrition ProCoach package below and you can add 365 Workouts to your order form for just $33 per month. It’s that easy!

Essentials Package
$99.00per month
  • 12 month nutrition coaching
  • Bite-sized daily lessons
  • New habits set every 2 weeks
  • Daily habit check-in
  • Online measuring and monitoring
  • Members only forum
  • Online coaching for 12 months
  • *Add 365 Workouts for just $33pm
CoachWorks Package
$119.00per month
  • 12 month nutrition coaching
  • Bite-sized daily lessons
  • New habits set every 2 weeks
  • Daily habit check-in
  • Online measuring and monitoring
  • Members only forum
  • Online coaching for 12 months
  • Quarterly Personal Coaching Sessions
  • *Add 365 Workouts for just $33pm

Frequently Asked Questions about 365 Workouts

Can I use 365 Workouts with my existing personal training?

Please do!  In fact, we think that with 365 Workouts AND your in-person coach, you’ll be unstoppable.

Once you sign up, we can work with your trainer to make the experience seamless.

Your PT can simply guide you through the pre-created programming, in person, modifying things on the fly if necessary. Alternatively they can substitute in their own training program and you will check off that you did your own session that day.

On the days you don’t have an in person trainer, you will have access to an expertly designed program with video demonstrations to ensure that you can complete the program safely and effectively. With built in modifications you can train from home or from a gym so that no matter where you are you don’t miss a session.

If you would like to work with a trainer and you don’t already have one, we have some preferred exercise professionals that we can refer you to.

I’m completely new to exercise / I have injuries / I have been training for years. Is 365 Workouts suitable for me?

Yes. 365 Workouts is suitable to people experienced in the gym as well as people who have never exercised and people who have acute or chronic injuries.

Before you get started, you’ll be asked to complete an intake form and you will be assigned a program based on your answers.

No matter where you are at, we will start with some foundations and slowly build you up to more advanced exercises and formats. Each program provides video tuition so that you can see the exercises being completed.

Your coach is a qualified Personal Trainer and a Poliquin Certified Strength Coach with over a fifteen years of industry experience.  If at any stage you feel that your program is not right for you, chat with your coach and we will adjust your program based on your needs.

The program is not suitable for you if you are preparing for a body-building or figure-modelling competition.

What equipment should I have for At-Home workouts?

All of the At-Home workouts can be done with a resistance band and a single dumbbell (or kettle bell).

While one band and one dumbbell is the minimum, you’re going to be working out on this program for a full year — and we hope that you keep doing so after the program ends. Thus, a few different dumbbells and bands would be a very smart investment and help you get the most out of your workouts.

As a minimal starting point, we recommend a range of three dumbbells: a light, medium and heavy one. For most women, that will be about 5, 10 and 20 kilograms. For most men, 7, 15 and 25 kilograms would be a good start.

Those three weights will give you a pretty good range to work with, at minimal cost and floor space. Of course, more weights will always give you more options, and make it easier to adjust the difficulty of your workouts.

A range of bands is also a good idea, and don’t forget to get something to anchor the bands to a doorway.

Bands are very versatile and easy to travel with. By looking at your exercise modification options within each workout, you’ll be able to do your workouts while traveling with nothing but your body weight and bands.

Can I use 365 Workouts without purchasing a 365 Nutrition ProCoach package?

No. 365 Workouts are available only to our 365 Nutrition ProCoach clients.

We are passionate about getting people moving though so please contact us if you would like us to connect you with one of our exercise partners who may be able to help you.

Have more questions?  Email or phone us today.  We will happily answer all of your questions and help you to determine if 365 Nutrition ProCoach and 365 Workouts are a good fit for you.